August 4th @ 7pm - Music with Jim Gallant

Jim Gallant press photo

Join us for a special evening of live music with local musician Jim Gallant!

Summer Reading 2021
Tails and Tales

June 1 - August 14

Hello Families! The New Gloucester Public Library is offering Summer Reading in 2021! Stop by the library to sign up, create a weekly goal and receive your goodie bag, log and first sticker! Children who participate will receive weekly stickers/prizes if they hit their reading goals. We will be having an ice cream party to wrap up the summer in August! For more information call (207) 926-4840 or email

Summer Reading Events:

June - Outside Story Walk

Story Walk

The picture book There Are No Moose on This Island by Stephanie Calmenson is on display outside for the month of June.

June 26th @ 1pm - Chewonki Tide Pools

The tide pool is home to a variety of species whose unique adaptations allow them to maintain stability in a world that is in a constant state of change.

Which species can endure the waves, tides and temperature changes of the rocky coast? Using this interactive traveling display, participants will dip their hands into the three zones of Maine’s rocky intertidal ecosystem and touch some of the ocean’s most magnificent species.

Call (207) 926-4840 or email to register!

July 17th @ 1pm - Chewonki Owls of Maine

Three live owls are the highlights of this program, which introduces participants to the owls native to Maine and New England.

Beginning with slides and sounds, participants will learn the identifying characteristics and calls of each owl. Then, using talons, wings, and skulls, we explore the adaptations of these silent nocturnal hunters. This program ends with an intimate and detailed look at live owls, bringing these creatures of the night into the light!

Call (207) 926-4840 or email to register!

July 30th @ 1pm - Dr. Drew and His Animals Too!

Drew has been interested in animals from a very young age. As a boy, he spent much of his free time in the local woods or by the waters edge. Over 40 years ago, he started keeping aquarium fish, this opened a new world for him ...SCIENCE! From that first aquarium, he learned and studied; geology, geography, biology, botany, chemistry, entomology, ichthyology and the list goes on. He is involved with the Boy Scouts of America, earning his Eagle Scout at the age of 16. Drew has worked in the pet industry for over 30 years. During that time, he owned and operated a pet store and an aquarium maintenance service.

Drew is also a rehabilitator and outreach program for injured, neglected and unwanted exotic animals to either find them good homes or use them in his shows for educational purposes. He has written informational articles for magazines and has had a small segment on CNN on “Keeping reptiles healthy and warm in the winter”. Drew has remained in the educational circuit as an Educational Technician, merit badge counselor and a guide for Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary and Mt. Apatite Geological Park. Drew delights all ages with his unique style, energy, knowledge and love for learning.

Call (207) 926-4840 or email to register!

August 14th @ 1-3pm - Summer Reading Ice Cream Wrap-up Party!

To celebrate the end of Summer Reading join us for an ice cream party catered by local ice cream makers, Dottie's!